Building a Family Devotional Time with Your Kids

Building a Family Devotional Time with Your Kids

Praying and studying the bible together is an incredibly important part of our Christian faith. As parents, it’s a habit we want to pass on to our children. But how do you make family devotional time meaningful, interesting, and engaging for your kids? Let’s explore some great ways to have a devotional with your family. 

Make It Fun!
When it comes to our kids, making things fun is key. Start by creating a space that is inviting and comfortable for all members of the family. If there is a bible your child can hold, or other items like a journal that they can use during the devotional time, have those items ready ahead of time so they are all set when it comes time to start. Making the devotional time into something special will encourage them to look forward to it each week!

Choose A Bible Story And Craft Activity
Find an age-appropriate bible story that relates to what you’re studying in scripture and read through it together as part of the devotional practice. Afterward, craft activities are always great for getting everyone involved—have everyone create their own version of something from the story (like making paper boats if you’re studying Noah) or draw pictures about what they learned from reading the scripture passage. Encouraging your children to interact with their learning will help them better understand and remember what was taught in the lesson.

Pray Together As A Family
One of the most beautiful parts about having a family devotional practice is that it helps bring everyone closer in prayer together as well as closer in understanding each other’s spiritual journeys and life experiences. Make sure to include prayer into your devotional practice! Have each member share their requests and praise reports out loud so everyone can listen and learn more about each other’s faith journey.

As Christian parents, we know how important and valuable it is to teach our kids what it means to live like Jesus. But we also know that it can feel overwhelming to try and incorporate these big ideas into your every day conversations! Our set of Childhood Prayer Cards will help you teach your children about God's word in a simple, yet intentional way.

childhood prayer cards for christian family devotionals and bible study

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