About Duncan & Stone


Hi! Sarah here. A little about us… Stephanie and I met in 2009 while working together at a counseling center in Fayetteville, AR. When we decided to go into business together in 2019, it just made sense to name the business after the place where our friendship began ... on the corner of Duncan Avenue & Stone Street.

Over the past 10 years, we have raised six babies between us, becoming more like sisters than friends. A true yin and yang duo, I get excited about creating beautiful products with an intentional purpose, while Stephanie brings the business savvy and “dream big attitude” that has turned a passion project into a real company.

With the support and teamwork of our husbands - Garland and Garrett - we are proud to bring you a product line aimed specifically at capturing your life story through the art of journaling. These shared stories and experiences are what tie us together, and we wanted to create family keepsakes that will continue connecting families for generations to come.

Why did we start Duncan & Stone?

As two moms, we wanted to document the major milestones and favorite moments with our kids in a memory book, but everything we were finding was either too cheesy or too time intensive. So we sat down and brainstormed what kind of book WE would actually want to buy, and then we made that.

Since opening, we’ve realized that this same problem extends much wider than just children’s keepsake books, which is why we have continued to broaden our line and create classic, easy to use keepsake journals for every stage of life.


Certified WBENC