Journaling Made Easy.

Journaling Made Easy.

Duncan & Stone | Journaling Made Easy | Childhood Keepsakes | Capture What Matters.

Stephanie and I started this company because we shared a desire to capture the most important moments in our lives, but most of the products out there were either too cheesy, too trendy, or too complicated. ⁣

One day we looked at each other and thought, "why don't we just make some journals WE would actually want to use?"⁣

A year later, we really feel like we have created a brand that meets the needs of so many people out there who were running into the same wall in the world of keepsakes 🤗⁣

Our journals are timeless, attainable, connecting, and joy-giving, and we are thrilled to see them being loved by your families, too ✨

Since our launch, we’ve realized that this same problem extends much wider than just children’s keepsake books, which is why we have continued to broaden our line and create classic, easy to use keepsake journals for every stage of life.

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