5 End of Year Gifts Teachers ACTUALLY Want to Receive

5 End of Year Gifts Teachers ACTUALLY Want to Receive

Can you believe that the school year is almost over!? Of course, as moms ourselves – we can. 😂 It’s been a long school year (as has every school year since the pandemic), but we are ready to soak up some warmer weather and enjoy summer with our kiddos!

As the school year wraps up, it’s time to start thinking about the teachers who have cared for your kids all year long. We appreciate them more than words or gifts could convey, but at the very least, we want to celebrate them with a gift they will cherish.

We’ve all seen the classic teacher appreciation gifts (flowers, candy, apple decor, mugs, etc.), but dare we say that most teachers don’t actually want those gifts? Not that they aren’t grateful, but that there are some other goodies out there perfect for them! Here are five end-of-year gifts that teachers ACTUALLY want to receive.

  • Duncan & Stone Teacher Memory Book

  • This unique and thoughtful Teacher Memory Book is the BEST end-of-year gift. Teachers can capture all their favorite moments of each school year in this keepsake journal filled with space for prompted questions, student quotes, photos and more. This journal was created to store 20 years40 years of teaching memories and it’s one of our favorite things in the shop.

  • Gift Card Bouquet

  • Let’s not beat around the bush – gift cards are the way to a teacher’s heart. From their favorite restaurants and coffee shops to Amazon and Target gift cards – a Gift Card Bouquet is an excellent option for your end-of-school gift! If you feel like getting crafty, put your gift cards into a bouquet form. If crafts aren’t for you, a sweet, thoughtful card accompanied by a gift card is always a safe bet!

  • Personalized Beach Towel or Tote Bag

  • We can only hope that the teachers in our lives get some much-needed TLC this summer – whether that be by the pool or on a beach vacation! What better way to promote their self-care than gifting them with a cute personalized beach towel or tote bag? These come in handy during the summer months, and those tote bags can and will be used all year round! (PS: If you know your kid’s teacher likes to travel — why not throw a Travel Journal in that tote bag?!)

  • Tumbler or Water Bottle

  • What kind of gifts do teachers love? Practical ones! Staying hydrated throughout the day is important for teachers. So, gifting them with a personalized tumbler or durable water bottle is ideal as it’s something they will use every single day! Pro tip: Glass bottles, straws and handles are ALWAYS a win!

  • Mani-Pedi or Massage Gift Certificate

  • If you have the means to really spoil a teacher this year, consider gifting them with a certificate for a massage, manicure or pedicure. After a long year, this is an incredibly thoughtful gift that all teachers would be grateful to receive. 

    It’s time to buy a gift for the teacher in your life, and we want you to kick all boring teacher gifts to the curb! At Duncan & Stone, we LOVE out-of-the-box gift ideas and hope that these ideas make your gift-giving efforts a little easier!

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